The Scoop And The Skinny

Dreams come true:
Interstitials will be released on 180-Gram vinyl via Hype City Records on September 23, 2011.  That’s right…vinyl.  Oh happy day!

Nice things:
A couple reviews just came in saying some awfully nice things about the new record.

“Stamper, himself, resides in the intersection of a variety of things – between pop and experiment, between formal elegance and confessional self-expression, between the improvisatory flow of jazz and the rigors of classical composition. It’s the kind of balancing act that makes choosing one thing over another seem cloddish.”
– Jennifer Kelly / Dusted Magazine (Read the rest of the review here.)

“Stamper’s recent project, Interstitials, plays as a celebration of the quiet within and without; the sounds of the usually unsounded… what the trees might be saying; how a drop of water might resonate in a glass if the world were given Whisper 2000s.”
– Holly Etchison / The Blue Indian (Read the rest of the review here.)

Upcoming Shows:
September 21st – World Cafe Live, Philadelphia, PA – opening for Deerhoof (also performing – Banned Books)

October 16th – Andrea Clearfield Salon, Philadelphia, PA. For more information, visit