Cosmic Shockwaves, ACF, and Last Minute Shopping

Seasons Greetings Folks!
Fall and winter are without question, my favorite seasons. The nip (autumn) and bite (winter) of the air makes everything stand out in clearer relief, and that furious motion of leaves and wind yielding to the patient falling of snow settles me like few other things can. All that to say, I am feelin’ fine. So with that…

New Music!
Over the past few years, the good people at Sounds Familyre Records, a wonderful community of artists doing all kinds of interesting and fascinating things, have put out a Christmas compilation called ‘A Familyre Christmas’, to which I’ve been honored to contribute. My contribution to this years’ compilation is called “Maker of Stars, Be Born”, and was just posted for free download today. It’s decidedly more focused on the cosmic side of Christmas which, when you think about it, characterizes the holiday en total.  Weird, bizarre, strange: the idea of the infinite squeezing into something not just finite, but so finite. It’s not difficult to imagine the universe rippling with shockwaves at such an event. So, to hear “Maker of Stars, Be Born”, just press play on the little widget below.  Enjoy!

Also, if you’re interested in hearing a couple other Stamper contributions to previous ‘A Familyre Christmas’ compilations, click here and here.  Make sure to check out some of the other music that’s there too.  There are some real unique and special beauties to partake of.


Exciting news! Last month, I was awarded a Subito Grant from the American Composers Forum (Philadelphia Chapter), to help get my quartet on the road and to a theatre near you! It’s a real honor. We’ll be mounting an East Coast tour lasting around ten days during the spring or summer of 2012.  I’ll keep you all posted on the details as they came together. Thanks ACF!!

Last Minute Holiday Shopping!
Interstitials_LP_front-400Get ’em while they’re (still) hot: Interstitials Limited Edition Vinyl Import from Hype City Records. In honor of the holidays, they’re 15% off from now through January 2nd. Don’t have a turntable? No problem: the import also includes a CD. That in addition to the stunning photography of William R. Cooley, a beautiful matte finish, costume lyric sleeve, and 180-gram (Audiophiles ‘R’ Us) see-through vinyl (what what?!). It is, as the youth would have it, sweet. Just click here to order. Thank you as always for your support, and have a restorative and restful time with friends and family during the holidays!

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