Comin’ To Towns!

Packed lunches: check
Fed rabbit / walked dog: check
New strings: check
Instruments tuned: check
Full tank of gas: check

This is terribly exciting.

I am very very happy to announce some very very special forthcoming events. The full quartet (featuring good-lookin’ chaps and what what?! musicians Paul Arbogast, Mike Cemprola, and Jon Rees) is comin’ to towns. You’re all invited! We’re super excited to share music from Interstitials, as well as brand new music from the upcoming record (to be released in coming months…more on that later). There are some extraordinary artists sharing the stage with us too, and I must say this set of dates is shaping up to be something pretty neat. Without further ado, details as follows:

May 3 – Sycamore / Brooklyn, NY / 9:00 Θ
May 5 – Montague Road House Concerts / Amherst, MA / 7:00 (limited seating: to reserve tickets, click here) *
May 6 – Zebulon / Brooklyn, NY / 7:30 §
May 11 – New City Galerie / Burlington, VT / 7:00 *
May 12 – All Angels / Manhattan, NY/ 9:00  ±
June 3 – Joe’s Pub / Manhattan, NY / 9:00 Ω
June 9 – Uncertainty Music Series / New Haven, CT / 8:00
July 6-7 – Egersund Festival/ Egersund, Norway ◊

Θ  with Kevin Shea & His Electro-Munchkin Robot
* featuring photographs by W.R. Cooley and silent films by Ben Stamper
§  with Ryan Sawyer, Shahzad Ismaily, Darius Jones; Shy Hunters; Free Paint (Greg Saunier, Sara Magenheimer)
±  with Bridget Kibbey and featuring an exclusive installation of etchings and lithographs by Ben Zion and Marc Chagall
Ω  with David Garland
◊  with Robyn Hitchcock, Howe Gelb, I Was A King, Trembling Bells, and more!

Thanks, dear folk. I hope you’re all feelin’ fine, and see you soon!


acfhorizontallogop.s. These concerts are made possible through the generous support of the American Composers Forum.

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