Album Cover Reveal

the skin, the sea, the sound – April 1, 2014

the skin, the sea, the sound-COVER (web)

artwork by Ben Stamper

First Sounds Reveal – February 4, 2014!

Album Trailer Reveal (1st of 3!) – DONE! Go here:

Awfully Kind Words Reveal – Read on!

“It’s the type of music where every note matters.”
– Greg Saunier / Deerhoof, Mystical Weapons

“Beautiful modern lieder from the moon.”
– Aakaash Israni / Dawn of Midi

“Stamper, himself, resides in the intersection of a variety of things – between pop and experiment, between formal elegance and confessional self-expression, between the improvisatory flow of jazz and the rigors of classical composition. It’s the kind of balancing act that makes choosing one thing over another seem cloddish.”
– Jennifer Kelly / Dusted Magazine

“The kind of album where every single bar of music seems to evolve from the last. With ‘the skin, the sea, the sound’, Stamper takes cues from prog-jazz, indie rock, and totalism in equal measure, but creates something entirely new, weird, and beautiful.”
– Lushlife

“Stamper is a remarkable composer, arranger and songwriter. ‘the skin, the sea, the sound’ brings it all together wonderfully. Every moment is original, and every song is a testimony to this great artist.”
– Brian McTear / Weathervane Music

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