Joshua Stamper Music

the skin, the sea, the sound 



Joshua Stamper as Side-Guy

Cassandra Jenkins (Weathervane Music)
– Perfect Day (chamber orchestra arrangements)

Rosu Lup
– Currents (chamber orchestra arrangements)
– Shorelines (chamber orchestra arrangements)

Lushlife (Weathervane Music)
– Toynbee Suite (chamber orchestra arrangements)

Frog in the Reeds (Great Comfort)
– Walking Tour of Spiders in the Woods (double bass; guitar; vocals)

Sun Airways (Dead Oceans)
– Soft Fall (string quartet arrangements)

– Good Luck, Kid (string quartet arrangements)

Horse & Rider (Ben Stamper Pictures)
– Horse & Rider (orchestral film score)

Twin Sister (Domino)
– Bad Street – Vinyl 10″ (string quartet arrangements)
– In Heaven (string quartet arrangements)

Elvira Nikolaisen (Sony BMG/Columbia)
– “I Can’t Make It Alone” single (string quartet arrangement)
– Lighthouse (orchestral arrangements)

Danielson (Sounds Familyre/Secretly Canadian)
Best of Gloucester County (bass; horn arrangements)

I Was A King (Hype City/Sounds Familyre; K. Dahl Eftf.)
Isle of Yours (string trio arrangements)
Twilight Anniversaries (bass; guitar; string quartet and mellotron arrangements)
Old Friends (bass; guitar; piano; mellotron; chamber orchestra arrangements)

Bifrost Arts (Great Comfort Records)
– Salvation Is Created (string quartet arrangement on “O Little Child of Bethlehem”)

Sunset (Autobus Records/Weathervane Music)
– Gold Dissolves Into Gray (double bass on “Fishtown”)

mewithoutYou (Tooth and Nail Records)
Ten Stories (orchestral arrangements)
– it’s all crazy! it’s all false! it’s all a dream! it’s alright (orchestral arrangements)

Soul-Junk (Sounds Familyre)
– 1960 (string transcriptions/arrangements; marimba; guitar)

Dan Zimmerman (Sounds Familyre)
– Cosmic Patriot (double bass; string arrangements)

Kurt Weisman (Important Records)
– Spiritual Sci-Fi (chamber orchestra arrangements on title track, “Spiritual Sci-Fi”; guitar; bass)

Ben + Vesper (Sounds Familyre)
– More Questions (guitar; co-arrangments)
– All This Could Kill You (guitar; bass; percussion; co-arrangments)
– LuvInIdleness (double bass)
– “Hot Thunder” single in conjunction with Weathervane Music (guitar; chamber orchestra arrangements)
– HONORS (guitar; double bass; mellotron; co-arrangements)

Jason Harrod (Lincoln City)
 Highliner (double bass/orchestral arrangements)
– Bright As You (double bass on “Voyeurs”)

– Comfort (guitar; double bass; percussion; co-arrangements)