the skin, the sea, the sound

“It’s the type of music where every note matters.”
– Greg Saunier (Deerhoof, Mystical Weapons)

“Beautiful modern lieder from the moon.”
– Aakaash Israni (Dawn of Midi)

“…he seems to inhabit two or more contradictory planes at once. It’s a bit unsettling, but also intermittently beautiful, as emotive pop and austere experiment glance off one other, affect one another and communicate, without ever becoming the mush in the middle.” – Dusted

“…surrounds a core of longing so earnest it might make you blush—if it weren’t accompanied by the blank terror of the cosmos.” – Image

“The kind of album where every single bar of music seems to evolve from the last. With ‘the skin, the sea, the sound’, Stamper takes cues from prog-jazz, indie rock, and totalism in equal measure, but creates something entirely new, weird, and beautiful.”
– Lushlife

“…sneaks up on you with its import.” – The Blue Indian

“Don’t waste your time putting a label on this album – really, just let yourself move into the songs and simply be.” – Step Tempest

“In its strange mixture of gentleness, somewhat sad irony and orchestral expertise, this collection is probably destined to be revisited time and again…” – Touching Extremes


a righter rain will fall (the skin, the sea, the sound rmx)



“Stamper, himself, resides in the intersection of a variety of things – between pop and experiment, between formal elegance and confessional self-expression, between the improvisatory flow of jazz and the rigors of classical composition. It’s the kind of balancing act that makes choosing one thing over another seem cloddish.”
– Dusted

“Stamper’s recent project, ‘Interstitials’, plays as a celebration of the quiet within and without; the sounds of the usually unsounded… what the trees might be saying; how a drop of water might resonate in a glass if the world were given Whisper 2000s.” – The Blue Indian



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