The Sounds

Good news!

the skin, the sea, the sound – Joshua Stamper’s latest batch of notes, rests, and rhythms, has been released courtesy of the fine folks at Good Behavior! Have a listen below. If you like what you hear, you can purchase the format of your choice: digital download or vinyl (note: vinyl come with a free digital download of the record). If you really like what you hear, please spread the word. Tell your friends, your family, your mortal enemies through all manner of time-tested forms of communication: F-book, Twitter, email, paper airplanes, fervent gesticulations, smoke signals, yelling, etc.

Since you still have your headphones on, why not check out more Joshua Stamper music goodness? How? Just click here!

Thanks for listening, folks. You’re richer for it. Scout’s honor. Yes, Joshua was a scout. He was a Webelos Scout, and though his scouting tenure was short, it was like a fireball across the sky. He was such an incredible Webelos that he made all of the other Webolos in his den jealous–they thought he had cheated to get all those Webelos awards, especially the coveted Arrow of Light.  But Joshua knew the truth.  He was a Webelos after all…there were principals of honor and integrity to uphold.


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